Episode 125: Cincinnati, OH – 10/1/2014

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Episode Release Date: April 14th, 2021

Episode Guests: David Ritter

This episode we dip back into a more recent era to talk about the 2014 US leg opener in Cincinnati. Our Patron David Ritter will join us to talk about his emotional experience from this night!

The band was in a good mood mixing up the setlist with songs representing every album and stories you could fill a memoir with. This night had classic tales including one featuring a club they played back in 1992 in Cincy called Bogarts, and a crazy story where Keith Richards pull a knife on them.

The performances were on point at this show too, most notably a version of Love Boat Captain with an extended jam intro and a Jumpin’ Jack Flash near the end. We’ll also talk about the tragedy in Cincinnati where 11 people were killed at a Who show and the nice dedication that the band made for them during this show.

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