Episode 147: Key Arena – Seattle, WA – 12/8/2002

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Episode Release Date: September 15th, 2021

In this episode, we continue our year long 30th anniversary Seattle hometown series with a tune up show from 2002 that took place shortly before the long Riot Act tour in the proceeding year. The band was slowly returning to the public eye for the first time since the end of the tumultuous Binaural tour, and in the two years since that run, the world had completely changed. In the wake of 9/11 was an impending war with Afghanistan that would transition into a war with Iraq that the band vehemently opposed, and would express their opposition to on the Riot Act record.

The Riot Act songs are in their infancy of live performances with most of them only being played in between two and five times. We’ll spend some time talking about the crowd’s reaction to these songs and why some of them took a lot quicker to attach themselves to (I Am Mine, Save You, Love Boat Captain) while others maybe didn’t click as much at first (Ghost, Thumbing My Way). But we’ll also get an early appearance of the George W. Bush mask routine during Bu$hleaguer.

Another big talking point of the episode is about The Ramones and their presence in the music world at the time. Earlier that year, Eddie, donning a newly buzzed mohawk, inducted The Ramones into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. It came a year after the passing of Joey, and two months later, Dee Dee would die from a heroin overdose. With Johnny’s health in decline, artists at the time were eager to share how The Ramones had influenced them over the years with Ed at the forefront of all of it. We’ll talk about their impact on the music world and how many artists were looking to keep their legacy alive after losing two original members in such a short amount of time.

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode. It’s crazy sitting here in 2021, 3 years removed from the last live PJ concert, to hear about a Pearl Jam crowd that really didn’t have good energy during the show. In their hometown nonetheless. Get your shit together, Seattle! Black in the 2nd spot is definitely a highlight. I also love 1/2 Full, McCready rips on it. I know John wasn’t having it, but I totally hear the similarity Randy brought up with You Are and P.O.D. vibe. Nice job, guys!

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