Pearl Jam @ Sea.Hear.Now Festival Instant Reaction Episode

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Episode Release Date: September 20th, 2021

Hey! a Pearl Jam show JUST happened for the first time in three years! Let’s react to it a little bit! So much to unwrap on this first night back from all the new Gigaton tracks to the old songs getting a new groove, Pearl Jam proved in the latter stages of their career post pandemic that they still got it!

We’ll run down the entire setlist, not unlike a regular episode except a little more casual and less music to hear. Literally every topic under the sun is covered for this (I did forget to mention the tour bus on the beach, but shit happens). Even talk about a certain Boss who caught the attention of many gossip hounds during this weekend.

After you’re done hearing our thoughts, check out the Concertpedia entry for the show!

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  1. That was a great ride thru the 2 hour PJ show ! Glad Randy said it was a chill vibe at SHN. It’s on the books to go next year now. Yeah, I’m glad guest spots were the local choir and Lenny, too. Anyone else would have overshadowed PJ’s return to live shows.
    YES ! Randy’s rafter shot will be my cover on my scrapbook of SHN 2021. I’m glad PJ played Seven O; Clock. I wanted to hear that live so bad. EV was on top of that song ! Superblood Wolfmoon, yeah they need to work on that song, hahaha Maybe they should watch Black Circle lives to figure that one out. smiley face.
    Yes, River Cross was debuted at Ohana 2017. I saw that live. it would bring chills to you. And City of Ruins had already done that. SO ! I predict on one of these three nites PJ plays Ohana, River Cross makes its second appearance.
    I’ll try to give Ohana updates., The wifi at Ohana is worthless.
    TOM is the MAN, He’s why I saw SHN. It was really fun watching that with my Jammer friends around the World. The Community is BACK !

  2. Definitely going to be interesting to see how this all proceeds. I faded out from the live stream after Red Mosquito, not out of lack of interest, stream kept stalling and I knew I’d get this better run down today than the stream afforded.

    Surprised by the scratched songs, particularly the Gigaton ones. Especially considering how dialed in the ones they played appeared to be.

    Looking forward to Ohana.

  3. Looking forward to listening to this, unfortunately I was unable to attend and only got to listen up to Wishlist before it got pulled from youtube. I’m sure it will be an excellent show as usual.

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