Episode 151: Austin City Limits – 10/5/2014

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Episode Release Date: October 13th, 2021

A festival show is on the docket as we take a look back at the first night Pearl Jam performed at Austin City Limits in 2014.

ACL is always an eclectic festival weekend, but this year had the band headlining alongside Eminem and Outkast, which on paper doesn’t seem to be their scene. But the reunited Replacements would go on before them, which would lead to a nice tribute during the Daughter tag.

While this is kind of what you’d expect from your average festival sets, there are moments worth going back to in this such as the extended intro version of Love Boat Captain, a touching dedication during the Come Back performance, and we get a Danny Clinch appearance on Red Mosquito.

With apologies to all Texans who’s state finally has representation on our podcast for the first time in three years, but also, someone might’ve called them sensitive.

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