Episode 161: Toronto, ONT – 9/19/2005

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Episode Release Date: January 5th, 2022

The 2022 season kicks off with a Patreon request straight from the 2005 Canadian tour leg. We go to Canada‘s biggest city in Toronto to cover a show with a clear narrative from top to bottom that had the ultimate payoff at the end.

Pearl Jam arrived into town as U2 completed a four-night stay to kick off the third leg of their Vertigo Tour, which meant an opportunity that allowed for Ed to appear on stage with them opened the door for Bono to make a guest appearance during this show. Make no bones about it, we let it be known our thoughts and feelings of U2 and Bono as a whole. You may share them or you may not, but ultimately a night packed with deep cut tributes to the pioneering arena rock titans is going to be memorable for many. But after about 83 or so U2 references weaved in and out of songs and speeches, it had to end with Bono blathering in some sort of self-inspired religious tongues during Rockin’ In The Free World. Would you expect it any other way?

When U2 isn’t the forefront of conversation, we’ll get to talk about a strong show of mainly hits that features a special performance of Harvest Moon in the encore. And for all of you Jeff Ament fans, we kick off our year with a love-fest to the greatest bass player around.

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