Episode 201: Las Cruces, NM – 9/14/1995

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Episode Release Date: September 28th, 2022

Thanks to a request from our Patron Joe Kolbenschlag, we get to focus on a show from 1995 that occurred during a small window of shows in that September. This one is Las Cruces, New Mexico, which may not be one of the many jaw dropping shows from 1995, but is still damn good in its own right.

We get to talk about lots from the Vitalogy era – a random rare appearance from Satan’s Bed, a fully explosive I Got Shit (ok, noticed how bad that was two seconds after typing it. It’s staying in.) and a killer Immortality that reigned king of the era with its incredible, jammy outro.

We’ll also get to see a rare tag off of Daughter, The Who’s “I’m One”, a 10 minute Porch that ranges from bluesy to jammy all inclusive, and stunning versions of Corduroy, Not For You, Rearviewmirror and Blood.

Also in this episode we’ll talk about some end of the tour topics featuring a few things we can’t wait to hear on bootleg, and some of our favorite moments from our travels. We’ll also hear a story from Erin Mackay who had the version of Other Side that was played in Quebec City dedicated to her for her brother.

Caution: story has themes of mental illness and suicide involved. If you wish not to listen to that part, skip over it at 9 minutes in and jump to 13 minutes in.

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  1. So happy to hear you guys review this show!! I’ve always known it was special and still rate it a 10/10 almost 30 years later! It was my first PJ show. I was a middle schooler obsessed with the band since Ten. Like most people at the show, I made the 45 minute trek from El Paso. Never would have had the chance to see them so close to home if not for the Ticketmaster boycott. So many vivid memories. Like when my Dad had to call in to get tickets and scored! Or the immense disappointment when they postponed. Or standing in the longest line to enter the show and rejecting more than one trade offer for our GA tix. Or my amazement at the heavy bass on the opener, my favorite song Release. Or the chest thumping drums on Last Exit right after. Or jumping up and down relentlessly for the rest of the show, only 15 feet from the mosh pit (my chaperone uncle told me 20 years later he thought I was going to die that night, haha.). It was intense back then. I have the poster, t-shirt, and bootleg to help me relive the show anytime I want. I also have my “Mr. Point” ticket framed in acrylic with my late Dad’s name printed on it. Hearing your perspective on the show is simply icing on the cake. Thanks so much!!!

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