Episode 66: Manila, PH – 2/26/1995, Bangkok, TH – 2/28/1995, Singapore – 3/3/1995

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Episode Release Date: February 12th, 2020

This is a special episode because for the first time ever, there will be not one… not two… but THREE shows that we’ll get to talk about on this episode! We continue our trip around the world by taking on Southeast Asia in places such as Manila, Bangkok and Singapore where the band hasn’t played in since.

The reason why we’re lucky enough to cover 3 shows in this one is because the set lists are fairly short and somewhat similar. This was Jack Irons first tour with the band so it makes sense that they’d keep things simple so that he could adjust, but each show has multiple components that make them stand out. Manila is known for a fan getting onto the stage during Even Flow and security having difficulty handling it. Bangkok is known for the third time that I Got Shit was ever played and the only time that Immortality closed a show. In Singapore, Ed smashed a hole through the stage and the band would enter back through it during the last encore.

Also a big part of conversation in this episode is the very taboo Vitalogy documentary that has circulated on YouTube for the last few years. They shot footage on this tour for the purposes of releasing it, but were restricted in doing so. This documentary for years was forbidden to talk about on the Pearl Jam forums and extremely difficult to get your hands on.

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