Episode 67: Missoula, MT – 8/13/2018

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Episode Release Date: February 19th, 2020

In 2018, sandwiched between The Home Shows and two nights at historic Wrigley Field, Pearl Jam headed to Big Sky country in Missoula, Montana to benefit Rock2Vote and Sen. Jon Tester’s re-election.

On this week’s Live on 4 Legs, hosts John Farrar and Chris Buckley give the local boy, bassist Jeff Ament, some love as he takes center stage for this concert, featuring Pilate, Lowlight, Bee Girl, and other Ament-centric material, as well as pointed covers of Know Your Rights, Imagine, and Throw Your Hatred Down.

We’ll also spend time discussing the most controversial poster in Pearl Jam’s history depicting the White House in a blaze with the former President’s carcass remains burnt to the skull.

Thanks to patron Dan Opallo for picking this week’s show to cover!

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