Episode 73: Stockholm, SWE – 6/25/1992

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Episode Release Date: April 1st, 2020

This episode we dig back into Ten era Pearl Jam where the band was touring Europe right at the height of their popularity. Our Around The World series continues covering a Stockholm, Sweden show from 1992.

This show is important for a lot of reasons. After this show, an incident where the band was robbed backstage combined with the next day at Roskilde where Ed got into a fight with a security guard led for them to cancel 7 remaining dates on this Euro tour. A few of those festival dates they were set to take the stage alongside Nirvana.

As for the Stockholm show, they were in a good mood that day and debuted two cover songs in the pre-set – Driven To Tears and Throw Your Arms Around Me. The set is full of Ten songs, a Fugazi Easter egg hunt, and a unique closing sequence of Release and Footsteps.

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