Episode 74: Fairfax, VA – 4/8/1994

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Episode Release Date: April 8th, 2020

In this episode, we look back to the Fairfax 1994 show that Pearl Jam took the stage for just hours after hearing the news of Kurt Cobain’s death. On what was an emotional night, especially for Eddie, the band makes the best of a bad situation and puts together a passionate, spirited performance among the grieving fans.

We’ll discuss in this episode the band’s reaction to his death and how it would impact their decisions moving forward as they would be looked upon to fill the void that Kurt left behind. The generation that mourned his death naturally drifted towards Eddie for answers, ones that he wasn’t necessarily ready to provide.

We’ll also get a visit from a fellow Pearl Jam podcaster. Roche from Jamily Matters will join us to talk a little bit about being at this Fairfax show which was the first one he attended. He’ll capture the atmosphere and uncertainty in the building from the crowd during this incredibly challenging day. Also a big thank you goes out to Jed Garfunkel who requested this episode, we’ll be telling his story on the show as well.

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