Evolution Series: #15 “Given To Fly”

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Episode Release Date: November 12th, 2021

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50 million years ago, a large hyena crawled into its way into the water and it would become the whale. It’s Evolution, baby!”

Welcome to the 15th installment of our highly popular mini-series where we take a song and dig deep into its origin story and how the song has grown live from tour to tour. This episode is a biggie because we’re talking about Given To Fly – our first Yield song of the series. A staple of any setlist, memorable or standard, Given To Fly came into the game sounding like nothing that Pearl Jam had ever done before. Sure, In My Tree, Present Tense and maybe one or two Vitalogy songs had the patented soaring aspect that GTF thrives on, but Given To Fly was truly the first of its kind. A pop song with an edge that featured cathartic crowd participation moments.

We’ll talk about how GTF not only evolved over time with the song’s pacing, and even a little pandering, but also how the band evolved around the song. Once it became a fan favorite, the outlook of setlist construction and song utilization for tours moving forward were drastically changed. Why? FLY! Tune in to find out!

Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a reveal of what the next Evolution episode we’re covering is going to be! Hint: think a little outside the box, but nothing too crazy.

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  1. Ah ! This is the song of Lep Zep rip-off. ( lets say influenced by Goin’ to California in the beginning of GTF ). I LOVE GTF as an opener. Sets the tone for a good, happy set. I love to put my hands in the air and scream fuckers super loud !
    I hear the difference between Jack and Matt. It’s super laid back with Jack. Matt makes GTF become an anthem. Matt plays GTF more hard.
    KIM ! Best signer in the World. Makes me sad to watch MSG 2000. A woman was going to hire Kim to sign for her, but sadly Kim had just passed away. She didn’t get to see Kim become a part of the song while signing.
    GTF has become the song that lets the audience know EV knows what town he is in today. Use Ohanafest as an example. He made it to Ohanafest, had a smoke in the tree by Doheny Beach.
    That’s what great about PJ. Songs can be made new again with lyric changes and tempo. Songs can change position in setlists and not lose the plot. But yeah PJ. Don’t play GTF as fast as you did SEEHEARNOW. That was too fast hahaha
    Great show guys ! Loved both your stories of how GTF connected you to the births of your children.
    Looking forward to episode 16.

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