Evolution Series: #17 – Crazy Mary

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Episode Release Date: February 24th, 2022

Ahh, our first Evolution episode of 2022! This episode features the evolution of our first cover, the Victoria Williams penned Crazy Mary. We’ll talk about how it came to be that Pearl Jam recorded this for the Sweet Relief benefit and how early versions of the song happened to include Victoria’s presence.

While the song was held off on the live stage after 1992, it started to sprout back up as tags and teases in 1998, including one of my favorites as a Better Man tag. In 2000, the song is brought back, but clearly without the presence of the man who truly helped create this song’s identity – Boom Gaspar. When Boom joined the band in 2003, they were searching for a signature song for him. They had Love Boat Captain, but they needed to start integrating him on songs that were already setlist staples. And the rest is history. We’ll get into the duels, the long solos, sharing wine bottles, the jams and a rather scary moment in Philadelphia. Many great versions are discussed and loved here!

We’re currently looking for the next Evolution episode and are taking ideas. We haven’t done anything off the first 3 records for a while, but we also haven’t done a single 2000’s era song. So we can use a little help on deciding! Some early favorites have been: Daughter, WMA, Indifference, Not For You, Nothingman, Off He Goes, Untitled/MFC, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Love Boat Captain, Just Breathe.

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