Episode 253: Winnipeg, MB, CAN – 9/8/2005

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Episode Release Date: October 4th, 2023

Episode Guests: Javier Hervas

In 2005, Pearl Jam dedicated the month of September to tour across an area they’ve never touched from coast to coast – the great plains and prairies of Canada. 17 shows over 24 days led to some absolute classics from this band that may get forgotten over time, but that’s part of why we’re here is to keep the discussion alive! This show in Winnipeg that we’re covering in this episode is a great example of a Canadian small town that never hosted Pearl Jam before this tour attempt, and the crowd ended up delivering big time.

At the newly built arena that would later become the home of the reformed Winnipeg Jets, Pearl Jam happened to draw the largest capacity audience for the one year since it had been built. From the bootleg, you can tell that there isn’t a single seat empty in the building. That led the band to pull out some surprises that you almost never get to see at normal shows, such as Better Man opening the night, Blood closing encore 1 after Alive, and Indifference opening the second encore. With plenty of Neil Young references and a wonderful moment where a fan got her request for Smile granted, nearly every song has their moment in the sun at this show. Lest we forget, a little flip phone call during Daughter that leads to a fun moment.

Not only will we dig into the strength of the crowd here, but we’ll have the Gear Guru step in and do a little breakdown on Stone during Not For You and Do The Evolution, and he’ll also breakdown why Mike’s modem was running at the end of Blood.

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